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Access to World-Class Education in China,Right at Shenzhen Bay

On the afternoon of July 25th, 2020,Ms. May Chengnan Wu, the Director of Academic Development Committee of JS Education Foundation, was invited by the Shenzhen Bay Club of Parkland Group to share the education model of “Academics, Athletics, Achievements” with the theme of “From Shenzhen Bay to Ivy League, The Key to World Class Education". Shenzhen Bay Club is the first international members-only club in Shenzhen.

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JS Education Foundation developed the “Academics, Athletics, Achievements” education model, which is rooted in the idea that sport is an important educational tool, organized in academies and school clubs, and aimed at developing well-rounded human beings. Its educational idea originates from the international Sport Education Model (SEM), stands on the Chinese characteristics and practices the integration of athletics and academics.

Focusing on learning content, learning methods, assessment system, organizational model, educators, and learning space, Ms. May Chengnan Wu shared the achievements of the “Academics, Athletics, Achievements” education model in Shenzhen Bay School under the guidance of JS Education Foundation. The education model utilizes sport as an educational tool to shape the students’ personality, affect all aspects of learning, sport, and character, to facilitate students’ all-round development.

the speech of Ms. May Chengnan Wu

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In the Q&A part, the audience raised their hands to ask numerous questions. Ms. May Chengnan Wu answered the questions one by one from the perspectives of her professional and personal experiences. At the end of the sharing session, some of the audiences stayed and continued to communicate with Ms. Wu actively, showing a high interest in the " Academics, Athletics, Achievements " education model.

Q&A part

Ms. May Chengnan Wu communicating with audiences after the sharing session