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Drama enlightens reading -- Shenzhen Bay School's first Drama Festival

By adhering to the concept of "combing art with education," Shenzhen Bay School has set up a drama festival since 2018.

Through class cooperation, the students have completed their drama performances. The festival has triggered students' sensibility, mobilized their expressiveness, cultivated their creativity, and improved their public speaking skills and cooperation ability.

The method of assembling the whole class to rehearsal can help students to establish a positive relationship between teachers and students and classmates, as well as assisting the students in developing a perception of identity and belonging to the school, academies, and classes.

This drama festival held "Drama enlightens reading" as the theme, held the competition between four academies, and requires each student to have a perusal of the book of their choice during the rehearsal period. And each class's cooperative drama performance need to have a prototype.

"Reading + drama" is the concept that aims to stimulate students' interest in reading by letting students read before the act. It also promoted the students' understanding of the stories and characters and flexibly displayed reading's achievement in the way of performance, which would obtain a better reading experience.

01· Book containing drama,mysteries hidden behind panel

Drama festival is not just about acting, yet, to read a good book before performing a good play is essential. Under the guidance of the teachers, the students used "story mountain" and other reading tools to go deep into the text, sort out the timeline and story plot, analyze the characters, and really "walked into the story."

Each class of students has carefully prepared two diligent exhibition boards;these display boards demonstrate the achievement of students' hard reading and their outstanding performance.

02· Student played a magistral role on performance rehearsal

After the students did a perusal of the readings, they use their intelligence and creativity to construct a remarkable performance. The students revised the script out of the prototype, designed the prop and clothing, and practiced rehearsal repetitively.It's like Eight Immortals crossing the sea,each one showing their magic power.

03·More spectacular performances by four academies

Four academies, fourthemes, four shows, each performance is like twisting a kaleidoscope.

Zi Jin academy: Special Drama

Zi Jin academy launched four delightful feasts: Where is the magic animal, Where is the heart of the brave, Where is the magic, and Life is a moment performance.

Also, they launched "a book for a ticket" activity, changing one book for a performance ticket. Those books will be donated to the children who live inrural areas after the performance. In addition to the exciting drama performances of Zi Jin academy's students, they also have generous hearts.

Hong Mian Academy: TheStory of the Heros

Hong Mian academy is the most heroic and scholarly academy, and they have exhibited twenty heroicstories.

It is worth mentioning that the instructors and the students of HongMian attended to draw materials from Chinese traditional culture. The stories such as "HouYi shoot down the sun," "return something intact toits owner ", "Three warriors' fight with Lv Bu,""The Battle of Three Cliff," "Maliang," "Yugong Movesthe Mountain," "Mulan," etc., have all deeply impressed everyone presented.

These heroic stories will influence the world view and life of HongMian's students imperceptibly

Lv Rong Academy: Night atthe Library II

Lv Rong Academy continued their theme from last year, "Night at the Library", and this year, they continued discovery at the library.

In addition to 20 well-organized Chinese and English performances, the Lv Rong academy also launcheda postcard design competition that's based on the readings of the original story script.

The Lv Rong students donated the books to exchange for the delicately designed postcards that are created by their classmates. And these postcards will fly with the books that filled with the students' generoushearts to the children who needs them.

Lan Ying Academy:“Finding the Blue Gentleman”

The four chapters of"seeing," "hearing," "feeling," and"becoming" constitutes the story of "Fing the Blue Gentleman."

Together with intense rehearsal, the teachers of Lan Yingacademy organized the students to read the original scripts of their performance, made it into audiobooks, and sent them to the primary schools in the rural area where the teachers of the academy have once taught.

In the process of helping others and pursuing self-achievement, the Lan Ying students have gradually become the "blue gentleman" from the legend.

A drama festival brings Shenzhen Bay School's students more than just a drama performance, but they have "experienced" all kinds of things in the world, "wrote" new life stories, "showed" their style, and "influenced" more people in need of help.

Drama festival, we will see you in 2020!